Weekly Reading Check-In #2

Well, this last week was incredibly uneventful in my world of reading.

I am not necessarily in a reading slump, but I am definitely not on top of my game. I cannot decide what kind of reading mood I am in, and that resulted in me currently reading five different books at once. Oops.

In the last week, I picked up The Power by Naomi Alderman. I am loving it so far, though the narrator on the audiobook has a bit of a whiny voice that I am not totally a fan of. I really love the concept of it, and I cannot wait to see where this book goes. Women taking over and having supernatural powers? Hell yes.

I also made some more progress on The Fifth Season by N.K. Jemisin. When I say some progress, I mean very little. I have set this one aside to read four different books, and I am still sad about it, because I’m really enjoying it.

I am also still reading A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab. Haven’t made a lot of progress on this. It’s very interesting, but because I made the mistake of picking up so many other things, I have hardly made any more progress.

The book I have been putting more attention towards (despite this book not being a fantasy, even though it’s May and Wyrd & Wonder–facepalm) is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. I have had this book on the go for so many months now, making very little progress at a time. I have been heavily annotating and analyzing it because I never got to study it in school, so I am doing it myself. Hence the long-ass reading time. Hopefully, I’ll finish this in the next couple days, though; I only have 90 pages left.

Finally, I am still slowly trekking away at Trail of Lightning by Rebecca Roanhorse. Once again, I am enjoying it quite a lot, but I am borrowing it from my library on ebook, and I am not a fan of reading ebooks on my phone. So it has been slow going.

I am not even going to think about what I want to pick up next, because I might have an aneurysm.

How was all of your last week? Did you finish any books, or are you having the same problem as me? Let me know!

Happy reading,

Sarah x

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