Weekly Reading Check-In #2

Well, this last week was incredibly uneventful in my world of reading.

I am not necessarily in a reading slump, but I am definitely not on top of my game. I cannot decide what kind of reading mood I am in, and that resulted in me currently reading five different books at once. Oops.

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Wyrd & Wonder: Can’t Wait to Read

Perfectly in character, I am posting this a day late–oops!

The prompt for May 8th is to discuss a book or books that you cannot wait to read. Of course, as I recently counted all of the unread books on my shelf (literally, just the ones I own), I have 70. 70 unread books. That I own. That does not even begin to encompass the books that are on my TBR from the library, or on books I have not even bought yet. My god.

Well, all of that being said, these are the top five books that I cannot wait to get to!

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Wyrd & Wonder TBR!

I recently discovered what the Wyrd & Wonder is, and it sounds like something I definitely want to be a part of! I have always wanted to read more fantasy books than I already do, especially since I have so many on my shelf that I have not read.

For those of you that don’t know (as I did not until a couple days ago), the Wyrd & Wonder Challenge was created by the wonderful folks over at There’s Always Room for One More. Essentially, it is a challenge to make everything of the month of May fantasy focused.

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